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Writing in Japanese

This student has successfully completed all Hiragana and several Japanese sentences perfectly for the first time! How exciting!
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Student Giving Speech in Chinese

One of EMW’s current students had the honor of giving an excellent speech in Chinese, which is her second language, at the Academy Ball on June 15th. She really impressed her teachers and peers and also g
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EMW’s After School Program

EMW’s after school program keeps getting better and better. We have new books and materials to help kids on their journey of learning to understand and use English in more sophisticated ways. Teachers at EMW
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EMW’s Christmas Party

On December 16, 2012, EMW had a Christmas party. Our students enjoyed a delicious lunch from the local sandwich shop while they got to know each other, speaking either English or their native languages.
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Welcome to our new website

We are in the process of building a new website for our school. Ku Design Studio Ltd. is working very hard on the building of EMW Language School’s new website. New contents are being populated as we go.