We teach simplified Mandarin Chinese.

Beginning Level:

Using a variety of visuals, videos, pictures and a beginning Chinese Text book, students will learn PINYIN, tones, pronunciation, simple Chinese characters with less strokes and basic daily conversation such as greetings, shopping, locations and more.

Intermediate Level:

In this level, students will be continually exposed to more challenging vocabulary and grammatical structures, with emphasis on understanding, correct pronunciation and correct usage. In this level, students will learn how to write more complex Chinese characters and at the end of this level students will be able to use 1,000 characters.

Advanced Level:

In this level, students focus on correcting their existing knowledge of vocabulary and writing, as well as valuable idiomatic phrases and Chinese culture. Students practice reading the newspaper, listening to the news, understanding TV programs and talking with native Chinese speakers, minimizing misunderstandings.

Business Conversation:

This is the next level after the Advanced level. The class focuses on business expressions in Chinese as well as Chinese business culture. Students learn how to read and make contracts, how to talk with business partners as well as with business clients.